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The production of Gasohol and Alcohol

Alcohol is formed through the process of fermentation of starches and sugars.  The mixture of 10% alcohol with 90% gasoline is gasohol.  The whole process of producing gasohol requires the production of alcohol.  The following procedure is how alcohol is produced from grains.  The grains are first allowed to sprout (soak in water for about one week) then they are dried.  The grain is crushed, boiled in water for one hour and then the water is strained out.  My recipe is 12 parts water to 1 part crushed grain with 7 tsp. of yeast.  Stir completely and ferment for about a week.  The foam that builds up should be removed.  The mixture should be covered (not tightly) for about a week or longer.  The grain mixture must be washed by removing the fermented material from the crushed grain.  The watery mixture that was separated from the crushed grain should then be distilled.  Distilling is the boiling of the fermented mixture.  The distilling procedure should be done about 3 times to produce a 95% alcohol (aprox.) mixture, which is suitable for gasohol  Note:  This report is written as informative information to its readers.  Putting this information into practice is illegal.  The U.S. liquor law prohibits unauthorized distilling.

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