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Cool Links

Cool Links

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Internet Movie Database  - everything you ever wanted to know about every movie ever made. You know that actor's face, but you can't figure out what other movie he is from.  Well, fret no more!!!! - lists all the current best deals on computer and electronic stuff - use this site to find out what is on TV.  You can enter in your zip code to get the proper channel listing for your area.  The plus is you don't have to subscribe to the TV Guide any more.
note: we now use because you have to register at

Olympic Trading Cards - A place for Olympic and World Cup items Featuring Women's Soccer Posters.

FILExt - File Extensions Lookup.  Great way to find out what files go with what program.  For Example, "bobby.xls".  XLS is the file extension.  Type XLS in the search box, and it tells you that the XLS extension is a Excel Spreadsheet file.

Emerald Motion Productions - an up and coming film and video production house

Change Of Pace - website for the best bar at WIU!! -  The Company sells over 300 brands of designer apparel and home accessories at 25% to 75% off of retail prices via its Website,  In addition, features MyCatalog, the Company's proprietary database search technology which allows a user to create a personalized catalog that features only the brands, sizes and styles in which the user is interested.

World Time Clock - use this site to set your watch by or download this utility to sync your clock WinSite: Atomic Clock Sync - Check out the lastest movie trailers in good quality. 

Roller Coaster Database - searchable statistics on more than 450 roller coasters including height, length, number of inversions, and everyone's favorite statistic - top speed.

Big List of Movie Mistakes, The - large collection of continuity mistakes and film trivia.

Brief History of Banned Music - a selected on-line chronicle of music that has been banned or censored in the United States.

Clowns are Evil Incarnate - the resource for clown-bashing on the web. Pictures, stories, links, rants and raves. - massive site with information on the cartoon, action figures, Q&A forum, and an archive of newsletters.

How To Build A Stormtrooper Costume

Have you noticed that a lot of men over a certain age look a lot like country music superstar Kenny Rogers?

Motion-Picture Industry: Behind-the-Scenes - offers comprehensive insight and background into the process of making movies.

Movie-A-Minute - why sit through all of a movie when you can get the same experience in a dozen or so lines of script?

Nitpickers Site, The - the place to post and review those little mistakes and details in movies that you always seem to notice.

Buying Used Cars - Interested in buying a used car?  Browse thousands of used cars for sale in the classifieds of


MapQuest - Not only can you get driving directions, you can see satellite pictures of your house.  It proves once more that the man is watching you.

Project Gutenberg - The classic books to ASCII text files

Consumer World - a compendium of useful online consumer resources, news, and related information.

Consumer Information Center - full text versions of hundreds of federal consumer publications. From the U.S. General Services Administration.

Pricegrabber,, and My Simon - compare prices on the web



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