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Beer Drinking Games:

Anchor Man Asshole Beeramid
Beer Blow Beer Slut Bullshit
Chandeliers Circle of Death Desperate to Drink
Down the River Drug Dealer Drunk Driver
Evil Kinevil Beer Game Once around
High - Low Quarters Seven Eleven Doubles
Shot Caller Speed Quarters Three Man
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Beer Slut

  Take one deck of regular playing cards, thoroughly shuffled. Select one person as the dealer. Deal one card to each person around the table. As they are dealt, each person must perform the action specific to that card.

The MEANING of the cards:
Deuce: Two drinks to receiver of card.
Three: Three drinks to receiver of card.
Four: Subjects. The receiver of the card must choose a subject that most everybody knows something about (i.e. cars, sexual positions, anime [for some]). Going around the table, each person must come up with something that falls into the
chosen category. This goes on until a player either screws up or repeats. Then that person drinks.
Five: Questions. The receiver of the card must ask their neighbor a question. The neighbor must totally ignore the question and ask their other neighbor a question, and so on. The trick is to try to catch someone off-guard or force them to answer (i.e. questions like "you wanna go into Keith's bedroom and f***?"). It's easier than it seems, especially when everybody's plowed (which is usually the case).
Six: BEER SLUT!! This person has to get drinks for everyone else. They DO NOT have to pay for them, just fetch them. They are The Beer Slut. We usually lick the card and stick it to the person's forehead.
Seven: Thumbmaster. At some time, the receiver of the card must inconspicuously put their thumb on the edge of the table. IT MUST BE IN SIGHT. Upon noticing this, the other players must put their thumbs on the table in a similar manner. The last one to catch on drinks.
Eight: Person to the left of the receiver of the card drinks.
Nine: Person to the right drinks.
Ten: Social! Everybody drinks.
Jack: All men drink.
Queen: All women drink.
King: The receiver of the card get to distribute three drinks among the players of their choice. People may receive more than one drink (up to three).
Ace: Rules. Receiver of card may make up a rule (i.e. Every time Keith drinks, Aaron has to rub his beard. Every time Glynis drinks, Natalie must drink twice. Every time Ray drinks, Chris must mime a sexual action. Et cetera, at your discretion.)

If any one player receives the same card twice in a row, that person can double the meaning of the card (i.e. two Threes in a row = six drinks on the second card.). If you get an ace, you make up a rule. Upon receiving your second ace, you may make up two rules, making three rules total in the past two turns. This same concept applies for three and four cards in a row.



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