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Beer Drinking Games:

Anchor Man Asshole Beeramid
Beer Blow Beer Slut Bullshit
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Evil Kinevil Beer Game Once around
High - Low Quarters Seven Eleven Doubles
Shot Caller Speed Quarters Three Man
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Beeramid (rhymes with pyramid, go figga) is a game that involves a tremendous amount of drinking. Supplies: people, beer, and a deck of cards.

A Beeramid (pyramid) of cards is constructed by placing a certain number of cards face down in a row (usually seven) as the base and building up until there is one card as the top of the Beeramid. The remaining cards are distributed as evenly as possible among the players. The dealer turns over the first card at the base of the beeramid and calls out the card value. Anyone who claims to have that card may
give one drink to anyone else. That person may either drink or call the bluff by saying "bullshit". If the first person has the card after all, he shows the card and the victim drinks twice. If he doesn't have it, he drinks twice himself. Once a row of the Beeramid is completed, the first card on the next row is drawn, and every card now has the same value as its row. Each person with a card on the second row can give
two drinks, on the third row three drinks, all the way up to the seventh row. All bullshit calls double the value of the row, of course, making them risky propositions as time goes on.

If someone has more than one of a card (say a five is drawn and someone has two fives in his hand) he can give both fives to the same person or split them up. He only needs to show both cards if both players call bullshit; if only one player calls bullshit he only needs to show one card.

At the seventh row, if people are taking honest drinks, a bullshit call should result in about a full beer's consumption by SOMEBODY. For this purpose we usually buy a bottle or two of a heinous-tasting beer (your choice) to serve as the "Penalty Beer". Anyone losing a bullshit challenge on the seventh row must finish the Penalty Beer without taking it from his lips.

This game has a surprisingly high intoxication factor, especially if played with eight levels instead of the usual seven.



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