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HALLMARK REJECTS...........................


              So your daughter's a hooker,

              and it spoiled your day...

              Look at the bright side,

              she's a really good lay.


              My tire was thumping

              I thought it was flat...

              but when I looked at the tire

              I noticed your cat.



             You had your bladder removed,

              and you're on the mends...

              here's a bouquet of flowers,

              and a box of Depends.


             You've announced that you're gay,

              won't that be a laugh,

              when they find out you're one of,

              the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


              Happy Vasectomy!

              Hope you feel zippy!

              'Cause when I had mine

              I got real snippy.


              Heard your wife left you...

              How upset you must be...

              But don't fret about it...

              She moved in with me


              Your computer is dead...

              it was once so alive

              Now don't you regret...

              installing Windows 95?


              You totaled your car...

              and can't remember why...

              could it have been...

              that case of Bud Dry?




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